Terms and conditions

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Bank Transfer:
In the title of transfer please place your order number.
IBAN: PL 45 1750 0012 0000 0000 3679 0326
Bank name: BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
Account holder: Michał Cholewik
Please send bank payment confirmation for faster proceeding.
Return of purchased goods without giving a reason can take place within 14 days of delivery. Goods can only be returned after prior contact with the seller
Returned goods must be unaltered, must have original packaging and labels. It can not have any use or assembly marks.
The cost of shipping the item returned is the buyer's responsibility
All components of XSHOCKDAKAR are subject to a 2-year warranty.
You must maintain a special print with a list of items and a purchase date and proof of sale.
All products should be assembled in qualified workshops. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. Self-assembly at your own risk.
Products that are improperly installed or not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions will not be warranted. Products only for off-highway use. No homologation
Terms of warranty:
- the warranty period begins at the date of sale indicated on the sales document.
- The warranty covers only factory defects of the product, ie hidden physical defects
- the guarantee is being carried out in Poland.
The warranty does not cover:
-mechanical damage
-example of normal operation
-deems caused by the User's fault
- repairs by unqualified persons or services
- misuse
The complaint process:
Damaged product with a description of the damage, proof of purchase and customer data (address, telephone, e-mail address) should be sent to the address of the company. If possible, please attach photographic documentation from the assembly.
The decision to recognize the complaint and how to remove the defect and will be taken within 14 days by Suzuki-Service. The customer will be notified during this period of further investigation.